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Lessons & Classes

in our Maternity Home

Discipleship / Mentoring

​In addition to our wonderful staff members and Executive Director, God has provided other godly women and older mothers to meet with the girls, pray with them, and interact with them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The girls are able to observe other mothers raising, loving, training and disciplining their children. The girls watch these older women living their lives for Jesus Christ and see the example set before them of someone who has gone before and already experienced motherhood, raising children, and living for Christ.​


Our counselors truly desire to see these girls’ lives changed by the grace of God, and to watch them live life for His glory. The girls receive weekly counseling and information on both parenting and raising their child. When appropriate or a serious option, their family and the father of the baby may also be included in counseling and decision making, but this is at the discretion of both the counselor and the mother.The girls are also given counseling and advice on afterbirth options and decision making. Our desire is that readjusting to life after birth will be a smooth and natural process, and our staff members are dedicated to seeing the girls flourish and succeed after leaving our home.

Education and Empowerment

Within the maternity home and pregnancy center programs, we firmly believe in education and empowerment of these mothers. To further their education and provide them with skills needed to be self-sustaining, we offer and mandate educational, physical, parenting, vocational, and spiritual classes. Classes offered are: Educational, Vocational, Spiritual, Parenting and Life.​


 Educational Classes​

Most girls come to our home still trying to finish their schooling and unable to continue because of the pregnancy or lack of funds. Through home schooling and our education programs, the girls have an opportunity to continue with their education during their pregnancy and even after childbirth. With this education, more doors of opportunity are opened for future employment, further education, and home schooling and teaching their own children.We offer home schooling for both the Primary (primary and middle school) and Secondary (high school) levels of education and schooling. These courses were designed and implemented to meet the needs of the mothers during their stay with us. Upon arrival, each mother’s future, skills, goals, and education level is evaluated with their counselor, mentor, and qualified teacher. They are then placed on the track that best suits their individual goals and needs. Our teachers come daily to educate and work with our girls. Because we home school, the girls are evaluated monthly and may be moved up or down in grade level depending on their progress and learning ability. They spend approximately 30 hours per week in class and studying.

 Vocational Classes

By teaching vocational and skills classes, we help enable the girls for future employment as well as entrepreneurship. These skills and the knowledge they learn while studying empowers these girls with ability to begin their own businesses or to find a job to be able to support their families. This training impacts not only the lives of each mother and unborn child, but also family and friends in need of support and help. In Uganda, vocational skills and knowledge are highly regarded and are considered keys to future success. By learning and grasping such skills, these mothers are able to become job creators and self-sustainers for their children and families.

Vocational classes include: bead/necklace making, basket weaving, grass mat making, cooking/catering, and more. We desire to offer even more programs and send them for certified vocational training in the future. Read more about our future plans here.

 Spiritual Classes 

Our spiritual classes are the primary focus of our education at Kupendwa Maternity Home. Almost more important than individual Bible classes are the spiritual elements and lessons being interwoven in every single lesson and class taught. We firmly believe in Jesus Christ being the center and focus of everything we do, but we also take time to specifically study the Word and discuss application of it in our lives.In addition to morning and evening devotions, we have a group Bible study once a week. Pastors wives, church women’s ministry leaders, and other volunteers offer their time to lead these studies. They encourage and challenge the girls with the Word and their examples.The girls are also required to participate in weekly fasting and church attendance. Community service and outreach is also mandated as part of their Biblical life application. Praise and worship through singing is a vital part of each devotion and Bible study time, as we believe that singing is music to God’s ears and brings joy to His heart.

 Motherhood / Parenting Classes

As these girls prepare to become mothers, many of them for the first time, there is often apprehension and fear about parenting. Raising a child is a serious job but is one that God not only has called these girls to but has also equipped them to do. We want to be their champions as they embark on this new challenging adventure of motherhood and parenting. Mature mothers and women volunteer their time to answer questions, give advice and help teach many of these classes. We also have our nurses and midwives teach classes and offer their knowledge and assistance to our girls.Motherhood/Parenting classes include: prenatal and postnatal care and nutrition, labor and delivery education, hygiene, health, breastfeeding education, natural prenatal practices, immunization education, disease awareness, AIDS education, sickness recognition, malnutrition prevention, adoption choices and options, and parenting skills.

 Life Classes

In addition to these other classes and educational opportunities, we also teach many other applicable life skills and knowledge. Some of the classes and teaching we provide for our girls include: decision making, anger management, financial planning and budgeting, menu planning, nutrition, proper hygiene and health for both themselves and their children, building healthy relationships, household management skills, employment skills, personal goal setting, time management, HIV education, abstinence and sexually transmitted diseases – the Biblical views on sex, marriage and dating, and more.

Recreational Activities

Part of our routine schedule is the girls living in our home doing their own washing (clothes), cooking (on a daily rotation), washing dishes and cleaning up their respective dormitories. We highly value hard work and responsibility. But in addition to educational classes, chores, and pre/post natal care and responsibilities, we also put a high emphasis on participating in recreational and fun activities together as the God-ordained family that we are. Recreational activities are a vital part of life at Kupendwa Maternity Home!Activities include: Dance (traditional African and free), Drama, Singing, Skits, and more. Friday nights are fun nights at the home! The girls can bake, watch a movie, and enjoy popcorn and sodas. We also take time during the week to encourage one another, give testimonies of what God is doing in individual lives, share praises and prayer requests and spend time in prayer. Birthdays are a fun celebration time and we try to make each one feel extra special on their day.

 Exercise Classes

We believe in keeping the body physically fit and well taken care of. God has blessed us with our bodies. As believers, we are His holy temple and are called and commanded to keep our bodies as a living sacrifice to Him. In addition to proper nutrition and medical care, we offer ways for the girls to stay physically fit during their pregnancies through our exercise classes and programs. Classes include: power walking, dance (traditional African dancing as well as free dancing), volleyball, netball, and more.

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