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​In Uganda we have the privilege of working with desperately needy pregnant or recently delivered mothers day in and day out.

For some, it is their very first pregnancy. For others, it is their eighth.

These mothers want to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery, but most lack the most basic resources to accomplish this.

Pregnancy should be a joyful time, but sadly, for many it can be a death sentence.

This is where YOU and Kupendwa Ministries come into the picture!

God has blessed us with the ability to provide these women with the supplies, medical care, knowledge, and support necessary to bring a healthy baby into the world and help a mother survive to thrive.

It is our goal to prevent another orphan and save lives…two at a time!

Your gift of $600 a year ($50 a month) provides:

  • Birthing Kits & Delivery Supplies

  • Prenatal Vitamins

  • Prenatal/Postnatal check-ups by our nurses and midwives

  • Numerous Educational Classes taught by our nurses and midwives on dozens of health topics. (See Village Clinics to learn more)

  • Bible teaching and discipleship

  • Transportation to a local hospital or clinic for delivery (if necessary)

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