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Meet a few of the teenage mothers
in our Maternity Home 
  Meet Bridgette 


"Hello, my name is Kabugabe Bridgette. I grew up in Kasese in the western part of Uganda. I was raised by some random lady in our village. I don’t have either of my parents; they both died when I was a baby. When I was growing up at this lady’s house, I was the only child who was not going to school, so I used to do all of the housework at home. I really admired going to school and wished I could but I could not because no one could support me. The other biological children of this lady hated me. They were all older than me and looked down upon me. They called me names, insulted and abused me...


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  Meet Betty


 "Hello, my name is Mutoni Betty. Am 17 yrs old and grew up in Mbale. My father did in 2007 from diabetes.  My mother separated from my father when I was 5, so she left me with my uncle for some time while she lived on the island in busima. she couldn’t take care of me without  my father because she  had no job, and couldn’t support me and she was  just trying to get enough money to rent a place to live. She could not keep me in the same home with her because she had no food, and was very sickly. She was always down with sickness and in  bed So she gave me  away to my uncle. I still had no education, was starving, and some times we would go without food for days...


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​  Meet Sauda (pronounced: sah-oo-da)


 "Hello. My name is Nakku Sauda and I am 16 years old. I came from Kyambogo Kayunga district. My mother separated with my father when I was 4 yrs old. My father was a peasant and not able to support me, my siblings or my mother. My mother ran away  in the middle of the night one night and left my siblings with my father. But she took me with her. My mother could not stand the bad behavior from my father. He would beat her and mistreat her...   

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