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      In Uganda we have the privilege of working with desperately needy pregnant or recently delivered teenage girls every single day 24/7.

For most, it is their very first pregnancy. For all, it is quite a terrifying experience. These teenagers want to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery, but most lack the most basic resources to accomplish this. Pregnancy should be a joyful time, but sadly for many of these teenagers, it can be a death sentence.

   This is where YOU and Kupendwa Ministries come into the picture! God has blessed us with the ability to provide these teenage moms & moms-to-be with the supplies, medical care, knowledge, and support necessary to bring a healthy baby into the world and help a teenage mother survive.It is our goal to prevent another orphan and save lives… two at a time!

Your sponsorship gift of $600 per year ($50 per month) will help provide

for all of the teenage moms in our Maternity Home:

1.​   Housing for themselves (and their babies) within our Maternity Home for 12-24

         months depending on the individual situation

2.   Basic life needs supplies - mosquito nets, food, bathing soap, washing soap,

          baby clothes, baby items, & so much more

3.   Medical Care - everyday, maternity, labor & delivery, and pre/postnatal care

4.   Complete 24/7 care, support and love

5.   Lessons and Classes:         


          Educational classes         

          Vocational Skills training         

          Parenting classes         

          Life classes         

          Bible classes

          Discipleship and Mentoring

6.​   And much, much more.

As a Maternity Home sponsor you will be blessed with:  

  • Bio & photo of one of the teenage mothers in our Maternity Home

  • E-Newsletter updates about Kupendwa Ministries & our Maternity Home

  • Updates/testimonies from some of our teenage moms

  • Notes of gratitude written by one of our teenagers

  • The joy & blessing of helping save a mother and baby’s life!

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