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Crisis Pregnancy Maternity Homes

"In our homes, we give teen mothers back their childhoods."

      Kupendwa’s Maternity Homes are Christian residential homes for young unwed expectant mothers typically 12 – 18 years old.

The girls who enter our Homes are the most desperate of the desperate teenage mothers with crisis pregnancies.

These teenage mothers have been living in trees or on the streets, selling their bodies for a piece of bread, have attempted suicide, contracted HIV through rape, or have been through many other life tragedies that have led them to absolute desperation.

    Our homes are designed to be a safe haven with a true family atmosphere where the girls can focus on their relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is that they would find their Savior to be everything that they need, and not only for themselves, but also for their unborn babies.

We provide a place where the girls can focus on their relationship with Jesus Christ, their future, and child’s future, away from any harmful situations or family circumstances that may have led to their crisis pregnancies.

   The girls in our homes are taught & given education, life skills, counseling, mentoring, discipleship, encouragement, friendship, morals,  value, self worth, vocational skills, and most importantly – they are taught and given the Love of Jesus Christ. 

     Kupendwa provides for both mother & baby all general medical check-ups and evaluations; prenatal & antenatal checkups; vitamins, supplements & medicine; birth supplies; labor & delivery medical costs, immunizations; lab work & blood testing; treatment for any sicknesses, pregnancy complications, or operations; and much more.

      Kupendwa’s nurses & midwives educate the girls in our Home on safe birth techniques & procedures, basic midwifery skills & training, pregnancy education, labor & delivery, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, cleanliness, PMTCT (Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV during childbirth), HIV/AIDS education & prevention, abstinence, infant & preemie care, kangaroo care, breastfeeding, childcare & parenting, and much, much more.

Academic Education
     Private Tutoring & 
         Home Schooling

   Kupendwa also provides private academic home education through professional teachers that daily teach & educate the girls on their individual learning levels. Many of our girls come to us not knowing how to even read or write their own name, as most have never been able to afford to schooling past a kindergarten education level.

Kupendwa believes in the

priceless power of education.

   By educating these girls, we are empowering them with self-confidence and education, as well as enabling them with the ability to succeed in business and work to provide for themselves & their babies in the future.

 Vocational Skills

      Classes & Training 

    Kupendwa’s professionally trained Vocational Skills teachers educate our girls in many different Vocational Skills & Trades.

The vocational skills taught in our Maternity Home include, but are not limited to: 

  • Sewing (quilts, aprons, & clothes)

  • Tailoring

  • Cooking & Catering

  • Paper Bead Rolling

  • Jewelry & Purse Design 

  • Basket Weaving

  • Hair Dressing

  • And more

Upon their graduation of our Home and entering our Resettlement Program, our girls are fully equipped with the knowledge of these vocational skills.

This knowledge enables them the potential to earn a living to support themselves & their babies through these skills.

    As a ministry based on the Christian faith and Biblical teachingsof Jesus Christ, Kupendwa requires that our girls attend daily devotions and weekly Bible studies.


   Although we require the girls in our Home to attend and listen, we do not force our beliefs or faith on any of the girls that enter our Home. The girls come to us from a variety of different religious backgrounds and we do not decline any girl entry into our Home because of her religious beliefs.


   We believe and pray that as we live lives that reflect His Love, share our testimonies of His faith in our Lives, and teach these girls about the One who will never leave, abandon, or forsake them, that their lives will be changed from the inside out.

   As we watch the Lord move in their hearts and break though impenetrable walls, we give Him all the glory & honor for the lives that He is changing & saving every day through this ministry. 


   W​e believe that He is the true Father of the Fatherless, Provider, and Husband of the bride. Our desire is that each girl truly finds her identity as a daughter of the King. We also want them to see their child as a gift from Him. Our belief is that everyone is specially designed and created by God and that He has a unique purpose and plan for each life.

Biblical Guidance & Teaching

Individual & Group


   The girls that enter our Maternity Home program have lived through a variety of traumatic and extremely hurtful circumstances & situations. Many come to us after having been raped, abused, rejected, lied to, outcast or abandoned.


Kupendwa’s counselors, in addition to our directors and staff members, talk with the girls on a one-on-one basis to provide the best chance for emotional healing & recovery. In addition to individual counseling, our professional Christian counselors hold group counseling sessions in order to promote group support and camaraderie among the girls.

We help them work through the pain & hurt in their lives, as well as teach them about the unconditional love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to be a living example of Christ for each of them, to ultimately lead them into a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior.

Kupendwa's Maternity Homes for teenage mothers in crisis pregnancy situations are such a huge part of what Kupendwa is all about.  

This video to the right gives you a small picture of how these young girl's lives are being changed through everything that they learn in our maternity homes, especially what they learn about our Lord Jesus Christ!  These are the true testimonies of teenage mothers in Kupendwa's Maternity Homes.

      Our desire is to lead these mothers to the

One who can give them true hope and peace during their pregnancy and childbirth.

  We want to provide a place where they can rest knowing that their every physical need

(food, medical care, safe birthing center, etc) is being met, while they are learning how their soul can also find rest in Jesus.

  We strongly believe that this will drastically reduce the chances of premature births, complications, and deaths during pregnancy and delivery for these mothers.

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