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Village Maternity  Clinics  & Workshops

If a mother can’t get to medical care, education, or help... we take it to her.

    Oftentimes safe birthing facilities & supplies, trained midwives, and medical help can be difficult for mothers to access from the rural villages of Uganda, Africa. Therefore, we take it to them.


Our midwives and nurses perform monthly prenatal and antenatal checkups for the expectant and recently delivered mothers deep within the villages. The infants and babies are also given general medical examinations and medical attention if necessary. If needed, the expectant mothers within these villages are admitted into our Survive to Thrive program.

 Through our Midwifery Training Clinics & Workshops, we educate and empower both men & women within the local communities and surrounding villages. By educating the local community leaders about the issues of maternal & infant mortality, maternal & infant health, and safe birthing techniques and practices, we empower them to help save lives and be the change in their communities. This empowerment leads to decreased maternal and infant mortality within the village and promotes future reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

  ​      Mothers who deliver in health care facilities are far less likely to have life threatening complications from childbirth. By educating these mothers and other locals in the village about pregnancy and the signs of labor, the probability of these mothers reaching a medical facility before delivering increases. This education thereby reduces the chance of laboring mothers delivering without a skilled birthing attendant or medical assistance.

Bottom line: they won’t have to deliver their baby on the mud floor of their thatch roof hut without any help. This simple but powerful education can greatly reduce the chance of maternal or infant mortality during childbirth.

     We lead Bible studies, in addition to teaching health lessons on countless health & motherhood topics such as safe birth techniques & procedures, basic midwifery skills & training, pregnancy education, labor & delivery, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, PMTCT (Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV during childbirth), HIV/AIDS education & prevention, abstinence, infant & preemie care, kangaroo care, breastfeeding, childcare & parenting, and many, many more.

We also provide breakfast for everyone! Our breakfast feedings supply a nutritious meal during Bible devotions and prayer.

   Our desire at Kupendwa is always that in addition to teaching about saving the lives of mothers and babies physically, we teach about the God who desires to save them eternally. We share the Biblical principles that have led to our passion and desire for mothers and babies to not only be saved here on earth, but for their lives to be saved for eternity.

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