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Vocational, Midwife, and Nursing

S c h o o l i n g


  In addition to the classes and teaching instruction offered at our maternity home, we want to be able to provide more vocational classes and studies for the girls graduating out of our program and offer them certified diplomas for their efforts. This will enable them to provide further for their families and children.

(ABOVE) Rebecca is learning how to make hand-woven grass baskets.

(RIGHT) Brenda, Rebecca, and Bridgette learning how to garden as they help us minister to a  a widow in a nearby village by hoeing her gardening land. 

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   We dream of school sponsorship for those girls who have been through our program and have been blessed, touched and inspired by our midwives, nurses, doctors, etc and would like to pursue a degree or diploma in nursing and midwifery.

We would absolutely love to see some of the girls whose lives have been changed by the outpouring of Jesus through this ministry go on to receive training, and then come back and work alongside us ministering to women who are in the same situations that they themselves have already walked through.

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