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​Our Mission

Kupendwa Ministries’ mission is:
  • To make Jesus Christ known and famous among the nations and peoples.

  • To demonstrate to those He brings across our path and into our ministry the love of Jesus Christ and encourage them to grow in Him emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and in His grace.

  • To instill good morals and values in young mothers based on the Christian faith.

  • To encourage young mothers that children are a blessing from God.

  • To promote good health, a clean and safe birthing environment, and extend good pregnancy care and birthing facilities to mothers and their babies.

  • To teach mothers and women in crisis pregnancies the consequences, long-term or lasting effects, and the Biblical view on abortion.

  • To promote life and well being for both mother and child throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care.

  • To teach young mothers how to care for and raise their children in the Christian faith as well as in good health and hygiene, education, nutrition, etc.

  • To promote self-sustainability and education for these mothers by teaching educational, vocational/life skills, parenting, and spiritual classes.

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